Any place can be a good and bad place to start a business. It all depends on basic supply and demand functions.

This will depend on what kind of business you are interested in starting. The type of business you are starting in many cases will determine what steps you would need to take first. To start an online clothing business you may need to first develop a website, whereas to start a bricks n mortar clothing business you may need to first secure the correct shop front.

It can be, to be able to answer this you will first need to know if there is an opportunity to make money.

It is recommended that you would first understand if this business would be offering something that people want and will pay for.

Yes, you can. Some businesses can be started with little or no money. A business funded by its owners own money is called ‘bootstrapping’ and is very common. Of course, the amount needed to start a business varies wildly depending on many different factors.

Coffs Harbour has many successful businesses, there is a high demand for machinery and construction services in particular.

A business coach is someone who offers advice and guidance to a business owner or manager on how to solve problems and overcome challenges within the business.

Yes we do offer bookkeeping. In fact, bookkeeping is one of our preferred methods to begin working with a new business because it allows us to pinpoint where the business is at financially. This offers a foundation on which to begin offering expert advice.

If you are just starting out, or about to start out in your business journey, and have a background in accounting and finance then you could likely be able to manage the books comfortably yourself. If your business is growing or you do not have such a background, it may be time to start considering a bookkeeper.

It is a good question and often the first. Bookkeeping services are often much more affordable than business owners realise. And why wouldn’t it be? The aim of bookkeeping is to add value to a business, not subtract it.